Medical Equipment Training

Diploma Program: 5-9 Months Depending on Experience

The Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Diploma is an interactive online training program to train you as a Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET). The program is designed to prepare the student for variety of entry-level technician, and other positions in the field of HTM. The online program gives a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of the Healthcare Technology Management & Biomedical Equipment Tech (BMET) industry. The program allows the student flexibility to complete a program of study when a traditional classroom setting is not an option.

AHTM utilizes various Learning Management Systems, modern webinar software, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) training portals, interactive lab software, online libraries, as well as proprietary and open source videos and training links to provide a balanced learning approach. AHTM enjoys putting the focus on the needs of a student by considering the organization they may be or are working for; specialized modules/lessons can be quickly assembled to address the specific needs of the organization or student whereas instructional staff will find the necessary learning tools to enhance specialized learning. 

Individual Courses: 4-8 Weeks

AHTM also offers all of its Diploma courses individually for those that only need one course or would like to create their own program based on their needs.  See the full list of courses available below.

How does online work?

Learning Management System

All courses are in our online learning system.  Students receive their login information when they begin the program.  No special software or computer is needed, it can be also be accessed on laptops, phones and tablets.

Delivery Method

Courses will include reading e-books, attending webinars, viewing powerpoint slides, watching videos, completing virtual labs, project work, participating in weekly forums, and completing exams and quizzes.


Courses will have an electronic textbook (e-book) that is part of the course.  This is just like a hard copy textbook, but it is delivered in a digital format.  Many other tools and resources are also provided that you don't get with a traditional textbook.

Live Interactive Webinars

The instructor invites students weekly to a live webinar.  These are scheduled for working adults and are usually done in the evening.  These are interactive with the instructor, other students, and guest speakers such as other Biomedical Equipment Techs and professionals in the medical equipment industry!


The program gives the student flexibility when the traditional classroom setting is not an option.  The online program can be accessed 24/7 every day of the week.

Hands-on Component

Everyone wants to know how they can learn the hands-on part with their medical equipment training.  This is a great question!  AHTM has setup nationwide partnerships and continues to setup partnerships for students to gain hands-on training, when needed.  


Biomedical Equipment Technicians apply technical skills as well as management necessary to properly maintain a variety of medical equipment; this HTM diploma program will allow the student to gain application of these skills with instructional methods that include: interactive E-books, Videos, Live Webinars, Forums, Group Projects, Online Research, Certificate Prep Testing, and Onsite Training (when applicable). The program prepares students to think critically when approaching medical equipment maintenance projects, and in preparation for taking on future leadership positions in the field, where a blend technical skill, communication skills and healthcare organizational management skills, will be needed. 

This program includes instruction in medical equipment management, anatomy, medical language, healthcare/medical device regulations, clinical application, medical device theory of operation, calibration, repair, testing, safety, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting principals, networking, and electronics. Upon completion of all requirements the student will be awarded a Healthcare Technology Management Diploma., Networking Certification, and be prepared for the CBET Exam. AHTM is a firm believer in “Trade Certifications” to advance student’s careers, and assists students with preparatory courses, e.g. Certified Biomedical Equipment Technician (CBET) and various Internet Technology (IT) certifications.  Additionally, add-on courses are available depending on their knowledge/experience needs. The hands-on training is a great option for someone just starting out as a Biomedical Equipment Technician and is usually completed in about 8-weeks.


Anatomy & Medical Terminology  (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Networking A+ OR Network+ ( 3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Healthcare Technology Management  (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Biomedical Equipment  (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Specialized Medical Equipment ( 3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Total of 15 credit hours (20 weeks)


Networking A+ (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Network+ (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Practical Electronics  (3 credit hours/4 weeks)

Healthcare Technology Management II (CBET Prep)  (3 credit hours/4 weeks)


AHTM has setup nationwide partnerships and continues to setup partnerships for students to gain hands-on training, when needed. This is usually completed over a period of 8 weeks.



Flexibility in course schedules

Short class sessions

Live webinars with industry professionals

Networking nationally with other HTMs/BMETs

Externship training support nationwide and worldwide

Easy access to instructors after hours & program can be accessed 24/7


Our Team


AHTM's job placement assistance staff works with students from the beginning to plan their career goals.



AHTM offers a variety of job placement services to prepare students for the future career! We offer all the pieces of the career path puzzle to ensure you succeed!



AHTM offers assistance with resume and interviewing preparation services for all students.

Job & Externship Postings


AHTM works with a variety of organizations nationwide and worldwide that ask us to refer students to apply with their organization. This also includes externship training opportunities.  All students and graduates receive these announcements!

Job Fairs


AHTM hosts job fairs at it's convenient Austin location as well as virtual job fairs for students nationwide and worldwide!  This is a great way to network with potential employers and other students & graduates.

Job Searches


The team at AHTM has great experience with assisting students all over the world in searching and applying for jobs.  You will work closely with the Director and staff every step of the way!

Admissions & Enrollment

Admissions & Enrollment

Financial Aid Assistance

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